Hanson police stop search for hit-and-run driver, say car was not involved in crash left bicyclist seriously hurt

HANSON (CBS) — Hanson police provided an update Saturday on a crash that left a cyclist seriously hurt Thursday. Police now believe the car initially at the center of the investigation was not involved at all.

On Thursday night, police announced they were looking for a white SUV in connection with the injured cyclist. They said the car hit a mailbox and child’s playset on Route 14, then the bicyclist, and kept driving.

After releasing some surveillance footage to the public, the car was located. “The operator of the vehicle, having seen their car on the local news, came to the Hanson Police Station early Friday morning,” police said.

The driver cooperated with the police and after speaking with officers it was determined that the car wasn’t involved in the cyclist’s crash.

The car had damage consistent with hitting the mailbox and nothing else.

More video from the scene showed the mailbox hit-and-run happened 10 to 13 minutes before the cyclist was injured. “The cyclist was seen on video passing the mailbox area on video after the white SUV had left the scene and a neighbor had removed the debris from the roadway,” police said.

Additionally, the bike was an electric bicycle that is capable of going at speeds up to 30 mph. Police now believe the cyclist lost control and crashed. He is still in the hospital.

The driver of the SUV will be summoned to Plymouth District Court at a later date for leaving the scene of an accident causing property damage.

“Law enforcement’s job is to seek the truth in all instances. In this case, it is an important reminder that it is just as important to clear the innocent as it is to charge the guilty,” Chief Miksch said. “We thank everyone who came forward and offered assistance as we investigated the details of this incident.”

Anyone with information should call police at 781-293-4625.

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